We are renewing ourselves by taking advantage of the great potential

La casa de semillas CapGen Seeds se renueva aprovechando su gran crecimiento
CapGen Seeds is carrying out different measures to continue growing in the highly competitive horticultural seeds sector

This new “campaign” that is starting will be the turning point for the seed company from Almeria, CapGen Seeds. The young seed company, which has only 12 years of experience, has already managed to position itself as a reference in the field with important varieties such as Obelix, in oval tomato, or Estoque, in red lamuyo pepper.

In order not to stop the pace of growth and to continue offering the best service to the grower, the seed company has taken different measures that will help it to develop. Among these new measures are the incorporation of new people to the work team, where they will join and form part of the ranks of CapGen Seeds in different departments of the company.

The departments of which they will form part are: the production department, where they will help with the production and logistics of the company. There will also be incorporations in the sales department to expand the areas of operation with its horticultural varieties and thus be able to offer a good advisory service, through frequent visits to growers’ farms. In the same way, there will also be reinforcements in the marketing department to improve the company’s communication and visibility. Finally, there will also be an increase in staff in the laboratory, thus increasing the scientific community within the company, focusing on research, testing and development for new varieties.


CapGen Seeds advances to continue innovating

Furthermore, as it could not be otherwise in today’s information age, CapGen Seeds does not want to be left behind, and internally, it is going to launch a new project of continuous improvement with a new software. It is a system with which it will be able to improve coordination between workers, departments and customer relations. This will increase efficiency in each of the internal processes, together with the reduction of response times, thus offering a better experience that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Externally, and in order to offer all the necessary information to the grower, the seed company has just launched its new website (https://www.CapGenseeds.com/). On this new website, which is fully updated and responsive so that it can be viewed correctly from any mobile device, growers will be able to locate all the varieties marketed by CapGen Seeds, as well as keep up to date with all the news published on the blog. And, as it could not be otherwise, all the communication channels with the company’s managers and sales representatives will be published, maintaining a policy of transparency at all times to resolve any doubts or advise the grower on any possible queries that may arise with CapGen Seeds varieties.



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