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Rafael Cremades Solano

Sales Director

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 639 611 682


eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 950 539 560

José Antonio Fernández Ibarra

Sales Technician in western Almeria and metropolitan area

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 616 585 728

Sergio López Manzano

Sales Technician in the Levante area in Almería and Murcia region.

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 683 700 795

Arancha Victoria Acosta

Sales Technician in Granada and Western Almería

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 659 520 576

Hiedra Muñoz Cortés

Sales Technician in the west of Almería

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+34) 618 679 608

Eng. Lorenzo Osuna

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+669) 9 94 94 89

M.C. Rubén Araoz

eMail: [email protected]

Tel: (+331) 6 04 25 16