Committed to Agricultural Innovation on the Coast of Granada

On 18 January, we reaffirmed our commitment to the farming community of the Grenadian coast by giving an informative talk in Castell de Ferro.

Recently, we held successful open days in the same region, highlighting the performance of our star product, the large-calibre pear tomato, Obelix. This initiative was enthusiastically received by both growers and field technicians from the main local cooperatives. Now, we are pleased to share our latest developments through information days, designed to show farmers the projects we are currently involved in, aimed at meeting the specific needs of this thriving region.

The talk, led and organised by Arantxa Victoria, sales technician for CapGen Seeds in Granada, with the support of Rocío Redondo, head of tomato and cucumber development, attracted almost fifty growers. They were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of varieties presented and the innovative solutions we are developing.


Focusing on innovation to address the demands of the farmers of the Granada coast, we are making significant efforts on lines of development that are adapted to the particularities of the area.

We highlight the Gavilán pear cherry tomato Gavilán, resistant to cold and Fusarium, with intermediate resistance to rugose virus (ToBRFV), a response to concerns in areas such as Albuñol. In addition, we presented the CGT3615 tomato, on its way to the market, an M size pear tomato with intermediate resistance to rugose virus, generating great interest among those present.

In cucumber, we present CGC1122 cucumber, currently in pre-commercial stage, with ribbed, dark green fruits, resistant to CGMMV and New Delhi. Although watermelon production is not a common practice in this area, we are excited to share CGW1046, the company’s next black watermelon, designed for mid-late cycle transplanting, both for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.

This firm commitment reinforces our commitment to the coast of Granada, demonstrating our dedication to innovation and agricultural progress. We are committed to continuing to introduce advances that not only boost crop productivity and profitability in the region, but are also aligned with changing market demands and farmers’ expectations. By focusing on the development of varieties adapted to the specific conditions of the Grenada coast, we seek not only to meet the current needs of farmers, but also to anticipate future agricultural challenges that may arise.



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