Colima F1: The Hybrid Papaya Revolutionising Greenhouse Growing

Fruto Colima Papaya CapGen Seeds
The papaya has optimum fruit size, ranging from 0.8 kg to 1.2 kg, which makes it an ideal choice for markets demanding medium-sized papayas.

At CapGen Seeds, we are tirelessly dedicated to leading the way in the research and development of innovative agricultural varieties that redefine the agricultural landscape. It is with great excitement that we introduce Colima F1, a low-growing hybrid papaya that marks a significant milestone in greenhouse cultivation and represents the culmination of years of dedication and hard work by our team of plant genetics experts.

Colima F1 emerges as a natural evolution of our successful Caballero papaya, which has been recognised for its quality and yield in different regions of the world. With Colima, we have pushed the boundaries of convention to offer a variety that not only retains the outstanding qualities of its predecessor, but also introduces significant improvements in terms of fruit size, flavour and shelf life.

Colima fruits have an optimum size, ranging from 0.8 kg to 1.2 kg, which makes them an ideal choice for markets. Moreover, their average soluble solids content of 14 – 15º Brix guarantees a sweet and exquisite taste that delights the most demanding palates. But Colima’s qualities do not stop here. Its remarkable hardness confers an excellent post-harvest capacity, which allows for more efficient handling and transport, and widens the marketing window for producers.

The papaya Colima F1: Genetics and Performance

Planta Colima Papaya CapGen Seeds

One of the most outstanding features of Colima F1 is its genetics, with 90% of the genetics of our Caballero variety. This genetic continuity ensures consistency in terms of quality and yield, while offering significant improvements in fruit size and resistance. In addition, the Colima plant has a low growth habit, which facilitates a higher planting density in greenhouses. This translates into higher production per square metre, thus optimising space and increasing the profitability of the crop.

At CapGen Seeds, we are committed to developing varieties that are not only profitable for growers, but also environmentally sustainable. The introduction of Colima F1 reflects this ongoing commitment to agricultural innovation and customer satisfaction. With our research and development expertise, we continue to drive the advancement of agriculture by providing innovative solutions that address current and future industry challenges.

We are proud to introduce Colima F1 as an outstanding choice for greenhouse papaya growers. We firmly believe that this variety will contribute to the success and prosperity of our customers around the world, providing them with an invaluable tool to boost their yields and meet market demands. We remain committed to the constant pursuit of excellence and innovation in agriculture, and look forward to the future opportunities that the road ahead holds.



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