The Secrets of the Papaya: An exotic fruit full of health benefits.

An Exotic Fruit Full of Health Benefits

More than 25 years’ experience in the auxiliary seed industry has led us to discover the true jewel of tropical fruits: the papaya. This delicious and colourful fruit is not only an exquisite delicacy for the palate, but it is also full of health benefits that make it a wise choice to include in your daily diet.

Nutritional Benefits of Papaya:

*Rich in Vitamin C:

Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C, a key antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and promotes healthy skin.

*Healthy Digestion:

Contains digestive enzymes such as papain, which help break down proteins, improving digestion and alleviating gastrointestinal problems.

*Potassium for Cardiovascular Health:

The high potassium content in papaya may help keep blood pressure at healthy levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

*Rich in Fibre:

The dietary fibre in papaya promotes bowel regularity and prevents constipation.


This fruit contains carotenoids such as beta-carotene, which can protect cells against free radical damage.

The versatility of papaya is not limited to its consumption in its natural state, there is also the option of using papaya in cooking. You can enjoy it in smoothies, salads, sauces and desserts. Did you know that it is used as the main ingredient in the famous “fruit salad with chili and lime” in many parts of Latin America? In addition, papaya is an ideal complement to seafood and fish dishes thanks to its unique flavour and its ability to tenderise meats.

papaya juice

At CapGen Seeds we have a large portfolio of papaya varieties, being the only seed breeder in Europe with a research line for the development of new papaya hybrid varieties. Some varieties are:

Amira, a medium-sized papaya plant with good winter tolerance and regular and uniform fruits with an elongated oval tendency, ranging in size from 1,300 grams to 1,800 grams. This variety is also resistant to CVYV and Px (powdery mildew). Another variety to be highlighted is Extrema, a medium-sized and very vigorous papaya adapted to greenhouses. Its fruits weigh between 900 and 1,400 grams.

Papaya is an exotic fruit that will not only delight your taste buds, but also contribute to your overall well-being. With its wide range of nutritional benefits and versatility in the kitchen, papaya deserves a top spot on your shopping list – take advantage of its benefits to stay healthy and enjoy a tasty life!



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