CapGen Seeds expands its presence in Europe with new branch in Sicily, Italy

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CapGen Seeds strengthens its European market with the opening of a new branch in Sicily, Italy, consolidating its commitment to innovation and adaptability of agricultural seeds.

CapGen Seeds officially launches CapGen Seeds Italy with a new branch in Sicily. This strategic move underlines the company’s commitment to the development of high quality seeds, adapted to various European agricultural environments.

Reasons to choose Sicily

CapGen Seeds 2 CapGen Seeds
Rafael Cremades, CEO of CapGen Seeds, and Bartolo Rendo, Head of Research and Development at CapGen Seeds Italy.

Sicily, known for its agricultural tradition and favourable climatic conditions, is the ideal place for the development of new vegetable seed varieties. CapGen Seeds Italy will use half a hectare of crops in Sicily to study the adaptability of its seeds, focusing on the development of papaya and tomato, two key crops for the Italian market. This approach allows for in-house screenings to refine the seeds and ensure maximum quality and yield for Italian farmers. Antonino Fidone, Sales Manager of CapGen Seeds Italy, said: “This is a great opportunity both for CapGen Seeds and for the Italian market. Opening up the market to new companies is always a great benefit for the sector”.

Innovation and adaptability at CapGen Seeds Italy

The new branch in Sicily has as its main objective to strengthen the various varieties that the company has introduced in recent years. A team of specialists and technicians will work on improving and adjusting the seeds to suit the Italian climate and soil, ensuring the best results for growers.

Rafael Cremades, Managing Director of CapGen Seeds, said: “We are excited about the opening of our branch in Italy. This expansion will allow us to offer innovative agricultural solutions adapted to the needs of Italian farmers.

Cherry tomato cultivation in Sicily.

New line of research: Papaya

CapGen Seeds launches a new line of work focused on papaya, seeking to maximise the yield of this crop in Sicily. Papaya, identified as a crop with great potential due to the region’s favourable climatic conditions, will benefit from CapGen Seeds’ research and development. This will not only expand the company’s product portfolio, but also offer solutions specific to the needs of local farmers, promoting more sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Papaya cultivation in Sicily.

“The combination of advanced technology, constant research and a deep understanding of local needs will allow CapGen Seeds Italy to become a reference in the seed sector in the country,” commented Antonino Fidone.

Impact on Italian agriculture

With the opening of the new branch in Sicily, CapGen Seeds is poised to make a significant difference in Italian agriculture. The dedication to varietal adaptability and the development of new product lines, such as papaya, underlines the company’s long-term vision. Italian farmers can expect remarkable improvements in the quality and yield of their crops thanks to CapGen Seeds’ innovations.

PepperTeam CapGen Seeds
Joaquín Cañabate, pepper development technician and Bartolo Rendo R&D Manager Italy.

With this expansion, CapGen Seeds reaffirms its position as one of the leaders in the development and breeding of high yielding seeds in Europe, adapting to the specific needs of Italian farmers.



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