5 Agriculture blogs and magazines you should know

3 March 2022

The importance of the agricultural sector worldwide is well known, with fruits and vegetables being one of the main staples of human nutrition.

3 March 2022

The importance of the agricultural sector worldwide is well known, with fruits and vegetables being one of the main staples of human nutrition.

Agriculture is a sector that is constantly changing due to climatic conditions, political and environmental management and other factors that mean that, especially if you are a professional, you must be aware of everything that happens, both nationally and internationally.

Many people, companies, cooperatives, distributors, etc. are involved in the process of development, production, distribution, trade and consumption of fruit and vegetable products and must adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the sector.

Below, we recommend some very interesting magazines and blogs that will keep you up to date with the latest developments and news in the fruit and vegetable sector, take note.


1. Hortidaily

It is an online meeting place for the international horticultural industry. The website is updated daily with interesting news from all over the world.

HortiDaily aims to provide as much information as possible that can help horticulturists in the management of their horticultural business. Hortidaily covers industry news worldwide and in many different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

It is an interactive portal that relies heavily on the participation of its readers. This is expressed through numerous press releases, photographic material, response messages and requests for information sent in by its readers.

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2. Portagrano

This is an essential magazine to know everything about the horticultural varieties that are marketed or are in the trial phase by the producing companies in Spain and also in other European and American countries.

It began as a magazine focused on the area of Almeria, later it was extended to the whole Spanish Mediterranean area to end up being a reference where all agricultural companies want to be, both inside and outside Spain.

In the Portagrano you will find all the varieties of these companies organized by species and classified in groups and types.

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3. Portaltecnoagricola

This portal provides updated and contrasted technical information on phytosanitary and nutritional products, biostimulants and seeds.

The most important companies in the sector both in Spain and in some Latin American countries are listed in Portaltecnoagricola.

It is focused on both conventional and organic and/or biodynamic agriculture. In its blog you will find very complete content; current news, technical articles, fairs, events and a list of companies in the sector.

portal tecnoagricola CapGen Seeds

4. Infoagro

If you want to keep up to date with all the agricultural technical information, directory of agricultural companies, prices at origin and destination of agricultural production, buying and selling of agricultural products and much more, this is your site.

Infoagro began as a forum on agriculture and is now a web portal where you can find the latest news of the sector, both in Spain and internationally, keeping its readers abreast of changes in the economy and the market.


5. Mercados Magazine

This magazine is very complete, since it covers the entire value chain of the fruit and vegetable market and contains all the relevant information on the sector, both nationally and internationally.

The magazine “aims to be a vehicle of communication for the entire fruit and vegetable sector, of all those companies that develop their activity within this sector, taking into account the importance it has in the international economy”.

It analyzes products in depth, covers campaigns and events such as fairs and congresses, as well as general information on production, distribution, trade and consumption.


Finally, to complete these recommendations, we suggest you check our news blog. At Capital Genetic we are concerned about keeping our readers informed, as well as sharing curiosities and tips on how to get the best results from our seeds.